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October 04, 2008


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The Boss

Oh, just use some of the pics from last year...no one will know the difference. Actually, I did capture a couple of those JO's in action, but neither of us could post them on our blogs. Their towels were drooping (dropping) just a bit.

John Carmichael

Ha! Like that's anything? Hell, You had the Editor of The Tailhook Daily Briefing at your party!!!

Actually I was glad to see some of the Blues could make it, I'm sure they had a great time and discovered the hospitality known as the Schmoldt Ranch in Grand Junction!

That was indeed a great time Kathy! Ginger and I had a ball at your abode! I will be posting some of what I have from the party, but my photography was a bit more limited than last, I chose to mingle a bit more. Although my age is beginning to show, as I do not have the same capacity for the Late nighters many of the JO's seemed to exhibit!

Thanks again!


Those are some awesome photos ! Amazing what a great camera and a great photographer can capture.
Although, I must play one-ups-man-ship on you...I have photos of Blue Angels in straw hats and Indian headdresses at my place. So there.

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