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October 15, 2008


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Brian R

Yes, the gov't owning banks is socialist. However, the administration regards that as a temporary, distasteful necessity. Obama's comments take socialism and class warfare as a given and a starting point. Therein lies the difference.

I imagine you're right that everyone here would get a tax cut under Obama and not McCain. So in that sense it would be in our own self interest to vote for Obama. However, I disagree with the principle that guides that tax cut and I value the principle more than the relatively paltry sum I would "get back" from the government.

On the other hand, McCain's plan is equally ridiculous in its own way. The fact that either of them wants to cut taxes for anybody at a time when the deficit and the debt are at such staggering levels is incomprehensible to me. I guess it's just a continuation of the ongoing theme in American politics of bribing the electorate with their own money.


All hail the liberal facsist n' chief. The goverment shall own everything and provide you everything...on the road to surfdom. BHO, POTUS, AA/EOE


Hey guess what! Government owning banks is pretty darn socialist...and George Bush not only approves of that move but contributed in no small part to the need for it! (yes, I know Clinton took some of the regs away we need, but Bush and the GOP favored and bent over for Big Business and therefore caved to most of the demands for less rules on trades and loans, as well as things like the massive change to bankruptcy law that the credit card companies lobbied billions for, to the detriment of Americans of any ilk). Welcome to the NWO - The Socialist Capitalism of the Post Bush Era. Oh and yes the government does get a say in the money you earn, you are just concerned about the final disposition of the taxes they collect. If it all goes to buy Guns n Ammo and to put Flags and Bibles in schools, that's fine. Right? You are currently middle class (unless, according to McCain you make over $5 million a year), so any breaks to the middle class will be good for you. Guess which candidate is planning to do that? Not McCain.

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