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November 18, 2008


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Danny Kirkendall

Your dad was 1 of the finest skippers Iever hd in my 24 yrsof naval service.Besides being 1 hell of a good pilot he was respected by all of us enlistedmen.He looked out fo us and listened to us and helped us get things we needed todo our job in Nam.My only regret is thatIws forced to retire beforeIcould of served with him agan on the Midway.It was an honorto serve with him.
Take care and hope to see you at next reunion.


I know I am posting here almost 4 years after the fact, but I just met Mr. Hoagy Carmichael this weekend at the A-6 pilots reunion on NAS North Island. I hope that you can contact me via email and tell me how I can find out more about this great, great man. We only met briefly this weekend, but it was a truly inspiring experience.


John, Tell your Dad happy birthday and thanks.

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