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November 06, 2008


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I am quite familiar with the video, and a number of aviation buddies of mine and I have discussed it and have all come to the same conclusion... It's Complete BS... although fairly well done hokum!

Here is a good forensics debunking of the episode, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J72y_qFV2oc and a few other inconsistencies illustrated quite well here... http://www.reggiepaulk.com/2008/10/killathrill-generates-huge-buzz-with.html

Brad Wilson


So, someone just sent me this video... do you suppose this is for real? It looks totally insane!


SwampWitch aka: The Boss

Can you repeat that?

As soon as I have an extra hour or two, I plan to come back over and "take this class." I'm especially interested in seeing all the (tight butts) I mean shiny aircraft.

Tom Walker

Way to go John! I had no idea you were working on a such a thing. Good luck with, the preview pages look great.

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