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January 27, 2009


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"Global warming" is the biggest media lie spread through a bunch of cryto-commie Luddites. Al Gore is a hypocrite and a nut job. Giant house, private jets... Bravo Sierra.
Weather has a direct relationship with the cycles of the sun's energy and the earth's location and inclination in orbit.
What happen to the "coming ice age" in the 1970's? Just another eco-lie to scare people by liberal fascists.

Dan B

Note that there are volumes and volumes of scientific data that describe how global warming gives rise to climatic instability (i.e. more exaggerated weather extremes). Not just record highs but also record lows, bigger storms, bigger droughts, bigger floods, tornadoes occurring in places and in months that aren't normally expected, etc, etc, etc,. Think about when you get sick, and you go back and forth between feeling feverish and feeling chilled. Let's face it. Our planet is very sick right now!


I always enjoy your witty comments. Especially when they relate to the demos. Keep'em coming!

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