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February 12, 2009


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It is an abscess on the butt of America. Kids get expelled for bringing aspirin to school. My son got accused of racist comments because of his response to a girl who came up and said her Dad worked with bombs, his reply was, "Is he a terrorist?" The "investigation" was a joke.

In this case of the young marine she has paid the price for an overzealous administration who are afraid of the parents of the terrified children. I am a liberal and I am embarrassed by this. We have evolved a brain why not use it.


Also, Dr. Sargent is the wife of Col. Sargent USMC (ret) who serves as a Blue & Gold officer for USNA as well as USMMA, working with the potential appointees to Annapolis and Kings Point to ensure they know what they're getting into. They are amazing people who give the utmost to the future Officers of our country.

John Carmichael

Great support letter here: http://www.dcyoungmarines.com/Documents/word/Morrow+Suspension+02.doc

From Dr. PD Sargent a former Colorado public school administrator, Dean of Students at Cherry Creek High School and Principal in Jefferson County School District R-1. It certainly is nice to see some in the school system have an appreciation for not-so-common-anymore sense.

John Carmichael

I love how the board tries to pawn this off on "Our Hands Were Tied!"

I call BullShit! If it were me behind the desk of the principals office and the two anxious and frightened ninnies... er... uh... students... came in whining about what they had seen in the SUV. I would have said, "You two weenies wait here, while I go check it out."

If I was unable to ascertain that these were indeed mock rifles I would have called Marie (I'm bett'n I have her car registered in my files somewhere) into my office to explain what is in her car. Once she said "Oh... you mean the mock drill rifles we use on the Young Marine Drill Team? The ones made of wood and DUCT TAPE!... Damn, I forgot to bury them under my 'Yes we can' posters! to not stir up the pacifists! Sorry bout that, won't happen again."

After laughing my ass off, and asking Marie if she thought her Drill Platoon could come by the school for a demonstration, I'd send the Young Marine back to class and in a wonderfully mischievous glare... inform the two narcs, "You're Dismissed..."

But that's just me...

Hmmm maybe that's why I'm not invited to the NEA We-Care awards huh?

The only reason this is an issue that tied the principals hands is because THEY OVERREACTED!!!!


update (02/13/09)

DOUGLAS COUNTY - 17-year-old Marie Morrow will be going back to school next week. The senior at Cherokee Trail High School was suspended for having fake rifles in her SUV at school.

The district superintendent ruled the six days Morrow has served will suffice for her expulsion. She will return to school Wednesday after the President's Day holiday.

She will have missed six full days of school after being suspended Feb. 5.

The Cherry Creek Schools superintendent had the option to expel Morrow for the remainder of her senior year. Instead, her suspension will be considered the "expulsion" mandated by state law.

The school notified the Morrow family of the decision mid-day Friday, one day after a hearing officer heard testimony at an expulsion hearing.

The hearing officer, Nancy Connick, made a recommendation to the school, but her findings, which are confidential, were not binding.


Uhhh...yeah. This is un-friggen-believable. As the parent of a midshipman at the USMMA, this hits close to home, as this young lady has already secured her appointment (which is no easy task).

1) Why were kids in the parking lot looking through the tinted windows of her car?
2) The responding police officers knew immediately what they were and made that statement.
3) This young lady is in A/P classes - missing just one of them will cause her to fall behind.
4) Was the baseball team suspended as well? Don't they use "lethal weapons" after school? What about the band? Have you ever been hit by a Sousaphone?

Where, oh where, is the common sense? Oh yeah...never mind.

Brian R

Back when I was in high school band the color guard had fake rifles exactly like that. In fact, they were even provided by the school. So under this logic, the school was providing minors with a "dangerous weapon".

I suppose these days the SWAT team would bust into the practice room, shoot the mascot (that guy in a panther suit looked like a dangerous animal you know!) and arrest the band director.


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