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June 09, 2009


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DJ Tressler

This man does not sound very courageous. If there is anyone a president should trust, It is the men that live and die by his order and grant his self and great country protection against all enemies foreign and domestic.


A president afraid of military officers sworn to uphold the constitution,... after being impeached by the congress and sustained by the supreme court and replaced constitutionally by the VP (& member of his own party)? Oh yeah, that was Honduras...
and BHO supported the would-be unconstitutional, wanted-to-be president for life.

John Carmichael

As many astute readers have pointed out (and one turdball who I did not publish in the comments here due to the coward's anonymity and rudeness) the prohibition of swords at the graduation and commissioning ceremony of the Naval Academy is not necessarily because of the current administration's fear of those sworn to protect us.

I do, still find it odd that in a formal military ceremony that the swords are forbidden. Especially in the case of the Marines. But we are a different world in which an overabundance of politically correct prudence is mandated over tradition.

Oh well...

Jonathon McDougall

Damn, Leland got to it first :) I just stumbled across the same snopes article, and wondered if it dampens any of your opinions in this post or not?

Leland Rucker

hi john, i'm not an expert in these affairs. but apparently, some people disagree with your analysis of this particular graduation event. see http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/swords.asp

hope things are well, cheers, leland


And you were expecting what out of this AA/EOE POTUS of "one of the largest Muslim nations"

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