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December 16, 2009


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Chris Sullivan

John, Good picture of your Dad in Colorado. He looks good! Say hello from his old QM from the Midway.

Merry Christmas
Chris Sullivan

Brian R

Alright John, in order to maintain my "Argumentative Bastard That Needles Everyone" certification, I need to call you out on a couple things here.

#1) TARP (the $700b line "Bail Out" line) was enacted under Bush. Hard to blame that one on Obama, and although the Nancy & Harry show was in town then they're not hardly the only ones to blame there. Also, about $110b of that money has actually come back like it was supposed to, with a healthy return on top. I did hear rumors about turning that $110b around and spending it on something else - a very governmental thing to do, but I digress.

#2) I don't know where you got your numbers for income tax filers, but those number usually count "married filing jointly" as one filer. That makes your $28k and $56k numbers a bit suspect.

#3) Sailors drinking $10 tequila? Seriously?

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