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February 04, 2010


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Reminds me of the incident my son had in 8th grade when he responded to a girl's statement, " My dad works with bombs!!" to which my son replied, "WHat is he ...a terrorist?" The school claimed that was a racist statement.

Brian R

Reminds me of one of those "legendary stories" in my family. Decades back my parents were flying with my brother, who was then just a young 'un of maybe 7, give or take. He was travelling with some toys, including a little toy howitzer. Not even a gun in the handgun/rifle sense, but a miniature piece of field artillery. If you picture something that should be served by a crew of those little green Army men then you're about right.

Naturally airport security tried to confiscate it. For safety. Because you never know - that might have been a functional artillery piece made out of solid green plastic. You could hijack the plane with it and fly to Canada or something.

Keep in mind this was around 25-ish years ago, before the advent of zero-tolerance policies and post 9/11 security screening. I'm sure things are much better now.

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