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March 08, 2010


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Brian R

You may want to check out some of the forums on SmugMug or Flickr. There are tons of really good shooters out there willing to give feedback.

For myself, I'm not good at portraits but I won't let that stop me from criticizing you! :)

In the first one her hands are brighter than her face, which is distracting. Could you tilt the lampshade, or move her forward, or otherwise get her to move into the light more? It also looks like her face is a bit soft (focally, not physically :). Did you focus on her hands? Or she may have moved a bit if the shutter speed was really low. Also, there's one annoying bright pixel above her left hand - seems like a good candidate for clone out. :)

Second one I like better. Light looks better, focus is good. It could be a bit brighter, I think. The shadows are a little on the dark side - you might be able to fix that with a reflector of some sort.

You should hit up the gregr for some gear. He's probably lost more lights in the back of his closet than you could ever need. :)

John Carmichael

Thanks KO, I'll experiment with that too.

And to Jeff... DUH! Obviously she's clinically blind! Among other disorders to be with this bum!


She's way too purty for you...


i like it JC! i really like that you did not use a flash or artificial lighting. one of the tricks that i use on portrait work (of course my portraits are not of humans typically but horses) is to push the iso way up (as much as possible to like 800 or more) just so you add a touch of texture -- but not enough to make it too grainy. but what it does is it can add this soft texture that actually looks pretty cool in a portrait. its like you get a softer more natural light -- without using flash or studio lighting. try it! you might like it! but good job i like these!

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