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April 14, 2010


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The current EOE/OJT POTUS has NO vision for the space program with or without partners in exploration. The only signal he will give the astronauts, NASA support personel and aerospace workers is the finger.

Leland Rucker

John, interesting post. Not sure that I would characterize Obama's expression as "smug," but it's open to interpretation.

As for JFK, according to a new history of NASA, "Rocket Men," by Craig Nelson, there is pretty much incontrovertible evidence that Kennedy pursued Krushchev to explore space TOGETHER, but was rebuffed by the Russian premier, who later considered it one of his biggest mistakes. JFK only used space because he couldn't find anything better to inspire people to back the program.

I think you'd love the book -- well researched, and it looks at the men who were responsible for the landing on the moon -- engineers, politicians and test pilots -- and it cuts through the bs to put a more human perspective on those heroes, and those heady times. Check it out. Cheers, Leland

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