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May 19, 2010


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Hi Bill,

Thank you to you and your wife for the appreciation.

This one was done in CS3. I too plan on updating to CS5... Payday is Tuesday ;-)

I obviously used some selective color to my original image, then used a combination of the "warp" transform tool, then some cropping using the circular marquis tool to get the ball, some dodging and burning for highlights and shadows. The tile floor was it's own layer using the clouds filter, some perspective transforming etc...

The techniques, I am learning from the book 100% Photoshop by Caplin. I found my copy at the local Barnes and Noble. Very useful.

I am looking forward to leveraging some of the advanced features in CS5, to speed up my workflow.


Both my Wife and I **love** this image.


I'm downloading the CS5 upgrade as I type as I have been having troubles with old or updated printer drivers on this 64 bit machine, and I wanna do some new stuff. ;-)

You dont such at PhotoShop. (Have you seen the series on youtube?)

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