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May 05, 2010


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Uhh, did I hit a nerve with my "GW Bridge" comments???

P.C. is the act of polishing a turd and refusing to believe you have s!#% on your hands.

The elite left hate this country. They are sad to see that all the acts of terror since the corination of the hope of Chicago are being committed by...either left-wing nuts or... radical muslims.


Did you see the candidate for the Colorado Congressional District 7 seat, Lang Sias, is a Navy fighter pilot with Iraq and Afghanistan deployments under his belt? He actually went to Afghanistan as a Forward Air Controller - on the ground. Great guy I spent an hour and a half in a one on one conversation with him a couple of weeks ago.


Don't profile me, bro!

Of course I fit the new regime's profile...middle aged, white, Republican, TEA party member, veteran, and since I do not agree with the regimes policies I must also be a racist! 'cept I wouldn't have used a foreign car to do the job!

Don't taze me, bro!

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