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July 01, 2010


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BTW, I married at 43. We started our family a bit later.
Now, it's your turn. ;-)

I can state without doubt that the difference in ages adds years to your life.

Aging beats all the alternatives.


You're right we're old. I was watching a movie on cable today and a ad came on the TV. "If you were born between 19XX and 1970..."
WOO, wwoooo, WTF... Yes, 1970!
The kicker: It was for funeral insurance
"because the average funeral has risen..."


It's the reading specticals that will make you really old. Welcome to the world of blindness, some of us didn't have to be old to get the privilege.


Married and now glasses...you are really are trying all the birth control methods.
re. Contacts

P.S. What no Laser surgery?

Brian R

Whatever, that sounds like my diagnosis from when I was 10. Maybe you're getting younger. :)

And I think that type of specialist is called an "eyeballogist".

Leland Rucker

Welcome, dude. You'll find a lot of good company amongst the not-so-young!!!

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