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January 04, 2011


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Thanks for putting into words the feelings many of us have but have a hard time verbalizing. Everyone on the face of this earth has thought, said or done things that they would not want seen on the evening news. Haven't our country's last three commanders-in-chief aka Presidents had problems with alcohol, or smoked pot, or had extramarital affairs or lied to the American public and did not lose their job two days after their past misdeeds were aired on TV?

The Boss

I wish that everyone who supports Captain Honors and is on The Enterprise ready to 'set sail' next month, walks off that boat.


I've said it before:
"Political Correctness is a mental illness that allows a person to polish a turd and think they do not have crap on their hands."
The CO of CVN-65 is the first(and not the last)act of revenge after the repeal of DADT. The PC-madness games just roll on. It gave us Capt. Hassan, the muslim madman who killed at Fort Hood. It gives us a "equipment check" of Grandma & body scanners manned by the Thousands Standing Around at the airport.
May God bless the United States and continue to guide us with his light through the darkness we are in.

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