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October 15, 2011


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Vermont Ski

The place on the second to the last photo is mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing! :D


Thanks Brian. I used PS CS5 for the top HDR. My settings for the surrealistic look start with the following then I do some minor tweaking for look and feel as I like.
Radius = 176
Strength = .49
Gamma = .74
Exposure = .30
Detail = 300%
Shadow = -100%
Highlight = -100%
Vibrance = 21%
Saturation = 23%

Add salt to taste... once exported into Photoshop proper I then add a dose of smart sharpening as I like.

I think my ev steps for this one were +1, 0, -1. I also set the camera on a stone pedestal (didn't have a tripod again). I exposed the "0" for the monument.

And finally, thanks for calling my attention to the rating. Gone!

Brian R

Pretty good stuff there dude! That first HDR is pretty nice - what are you using for that? I've been messing around with the HDR built into CS5, but it always comes out looking like... umm, not good.

BTW, you might want to get rid of the "Rate This Post" thing since NewsGator no longer does ratings. :)

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