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February 14, 2012


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Give you a dollar to lick it....full tongue..

Brian R

I can't get too mad at the kid for eating magnets. Yeah, it's stupid, but that's pretty much what kids are for. It's not as if kids eating things they shouldn't is some modern invention.

That mother should be trying to hide from the media in shame. Instead she's proudly telling everyone she was dumb enough to give small, shiny, dangerous objects to a 5 year old.

They probably will try to slap on some new warning labels for the parents. The problem is that people don't read anything. Same thing we see in software - you can put a big, red warning in front of someone that says "Spend your entire bank account on Tom Cruise blowup dolls?" and pretty much everyone will just click "OK". But what else can they do? You can't fix stupid. (or inattentive, or lazy, or the rest of it).

Wait... unless... I've got it. The solution! It's all so clear! The warning labels do not belong on the products, they belong on the PARENTS! After this incident that lady needs a mandatory trip to the tattoo parlor, where they'll imprint "I AM AN IDIOT. DO NOT GIVE ME DANGEROUS OBJECTS!" on her forehead. Then the clerk really will be able to prevent the idiocy!

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